Adi Triasmara

Adi Triasmara

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monolog: Sebuah Variasi Asyik dalam Belajar Bahasa Inggris!

Saya yakin bukan hanya orang gila yang pernah berbicara dengan dirinya sendiri. Saya yakin bahwa setiap orang: saya, kamu, kalian, dan mereka, disadari atau tidak, pernah melakukan percakapan dengan dirinya sendiri. Meski kadang tidak diucapkan secara keras, tapi setidaknya kita pernah berbicara dengan diri kita sendiri di dalam hati. 

Nah, dalam proses belajar bahasa Inggris, percakapan dengan diri sendiri itu ternyata juga mampu membantu kamu, loh! Dengan melakukan monolog, kamu bisa menggunakan bahasa Inggris secara aktif dengan meminimalisir ketakutan yang kamu punya ketika membuat kesalahan di depan orang lain. 

Monolog juga membantu kamu meningkatkan percaya diri meskipun kamu seorang yang cenderung introvert atau tertutup seperti saya. Selain itu, kamu juga bisa melatih ekspresi kamu saat berbicara, sesuatu yang sangat penting dalam teknik komunikasi dimana apa yang kamu ucapkan sesuai dengan apa yang kamu ekspresikan.

Nah, berikut saya lampirkan beberapa contoh teks monolog yang bisa kamu gunakan sebagai latihan mandiri. Saya juga telah sesuaikan konten yang saya lampirklan ini dengan gender yang sesuai untuk kamu pilih. Selamat mencoba!

* * *

“Beauty is a Perfection”

Beauty and perfection. 

That's what you are, Miss Shelly. Bet those boys back home would be doing a quite a bit of howling if they saw you now. Look at all the wonderful things time has done to you. 
And when I get to Hollywood and become a star, they'll wonder where this goddess came from. But my past will be a mystery, because life before this moment ain't worth telling about. After those early years things have only gotten better. 
Actually I'll bet being born was one of the biggest let-downs of all. I spent all that time wrapped up in that little space in my mama, and for what? I pop out and look around, screaming, wondering if this was such a good idea.

Wondering why someone didn't tell me sooner what it was gonna be like those first few years, 'cause if someone had told me, I don't think I woulda come out.

 * * *

"Growing Up is Hard to Do

(Someone is under a bedroom sheet. He peeks out nervously. He is in pajamas. The sillier the print on the sheet and pajamas the better)

I feel so strange tonight, waking up in the full moon's light. Something had changed. I am not the same. I'm getting really hairy. More hairy than I thought a man could be. This is rather scary and voice is changing toooooo.
(He howls and then slaps his hands over his mouth)
Was that a howl? And my hands... Look at my nails... did I forget to cut them or are they longer... And sharper than before?
(He struggles with the sheet.... He gets all wrapped up in a panic. He claws and rips at it)
Claws! Actual claws!
(He finally gets free of the sheet)
Mirror? Where's a mirrorrrrrr!
(Big growl)
Was that a growl? From my stomach? What's there to eat? I could really use some meat.
(Holds his stomach)
Growing up is so hard to do...
(Reaches back And feels something bulging at his rear)
....especially when you're growing a tail toooooooo!
(He howls and holds his bottom and carefully scoots off stage)

 * * * 

Princess Beauty"

Nick, please don't grovel. That's why I liked you. You didn't feel like you had to treat me that way. I'm just a normal peasant girl now.
My stupid fairy godmother did this to me. Correction: My smart fairy godmother. She's made me like cleaning.
It worked, fairy godmother. It worked! I'm happy not being a beauty.
(Looks at NICK)
I never thought I could live without my beauty, but I guess I can.
But, I can't just go back to the way I was. I like my new life.
I just don't want to be who I was before. I can never be as good as Honor.
I'm still not as beautiful as you are, sister. I don't think I ever can be.
I used to think I was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, but not anymore. Now I think you've always been the most beautiful the whole time, I just couldn't see it.
No, Fairy Godmother, don't change me back. I don't think I want my old beauty anymore. 
It does me more harm than good. 

 * * * 

The Accident

I think I've made a big mistake.
I'm afraid memories are as much my enemy as they are yours.
I am remembering something... Something I wanted to forget
I was in a car accident...
I was drag racing. Right out there.
We came up on a curve. I cut the other guy off. There was this truck. Both of us swerved into each other and then the truck hit us...
(Upset. He stops.  Then he turns angry)
I shouldn't remember... I can't. I must stop remembering.
No, don't remember, please. We can't or we'll be trapped here.
Guilt is a form of memory. Why do I have to feel this way? Make it stop.
I don't seem to be able to do anything. My memories are like a weight on my whole body.
(Crouches down as if in pain)
They'll destroy me... And trap me here forever.

 * * * 

School Newspaper

Now let's see. What do we have for next week's top story? Looks like we're down to two: Where is the school nurse sneaking off to during the day? Or who are the imaginary people the principal is always talking to?  Wow. Where do we ever get such good news? I'll bet no other school paper can boast about these kind of headlines.

What else we got?

Let's see what Fanny brought me.  Oh! This will do fine on the society page. Romance is a budding at the school. This week Jimmy Joe Johnson's heart is a palpitating for none other than Betty Sue Mall. Unfortunately he's feeling a bit shy and can't figure out a way to tell Betty he's got those special feelings for her. Don't you worry, though, Jimmy. She'll know all about it soon enough. Best wishes to both of you in this new found romance.
Very nice.  Now where's the school crime report?  Here we go.
Crime wave hits the halls of our school. Hide your valuables. Monte the Hall Monitor says we had a record number of incidents this week. He caught one group of kids playing with firecrackers and trying to blow up the chemistry lab.  He wrote over ten tickets for excessive farting in the gym. And he rescued some guy from a locker that his girlfriend had stuffed in him.  He must have done something pretty bad.  Girl power gone wild.  This school is out of control.
 * * * 

Nah, itulah beberapa teks monolog yang bisa kamu gunakan untuk belajar bahasa Inggris dengan lebih baik dan tentunya menantang. Jika kamu merasa sudah benar-benar memahami konten dari teks monolog yang kamu pilih, saya juga menantang kamu untuk menampilkan monolog yang kamu pilih tersebut di depan banyak orang. Berani? ^.^

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